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Much of health and fitness is an internal challenge. Your background, environment, habits and experiences all contribute to your health and fitness.

Part of my job is to help you reprogram your beliefs about your limitations and abilities.

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About Doug Setter:

Doug survived pneumonia three times by the age of six. As an underweight teenager, he was often the last pick for sports teams and took his share of lumps in school. Through research and training, Doug became a soldier, a paratrooper, a United Nations peacekeeper, a marathon runner and a full-contact kickboxer. His military Training included Morse code operator, basic parachutist, Airborne Indoctrination, Junior Leadership, Small Arms Coach, Senior Leadership, and winter survival.

As a military instructor, Doug has trained over 300 personnel in firearms safety, marksmanship, First Aid, outdoor survival, winter survival, radio communications and leadership.

In addition to military Training, Academically, Doug has completed a Communications Certificate, a Bachelor of Human Ecology (Foods & Nutrition), a Provincial Instructor’s Diploma, a Marketing Management Diploma, fitness leader, resistance training, exercise-to-music, and Pilates.

Doug’s instructional roles include Stomach Flattening, cardio kickboxing, Stomach Flattening, Pilates, martial arts, self-defence for women, children and welfare investigators, outdoor survival, and industrial job skills. His martial arts journey saw him achieve a black sash in Chin Na kung fu and compete in nine full-contact kickboxing matches, including a Hong Kong match and a welterweight title match (at age 40).

His research and experiences inspired him to write books, such as Stomach Flattening, Reduce Your Alcohol Craving (including a Student’s Edition), Flat Gut After 50, Fit Femme After 50 and Beating the Overactive Bladder Blues.

Whether it was motivating army recruits or seeing clients becoming stronger and more confident, Doug continues to pass on his passion for health and fitness.

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Since I joined your Stomach Flattening class, my body improved, and the pain disappeared so that I don't need medication. I have more energy and flexibility, a stronger back and toned stomach muscles.

    Cora L. Vancouver

    I have tried gyms, cardio machines and different fitness classes and never got the workout or the results that I get from this cardio-kickboxing class. Thanks, Doug.

      Darlene McEvoy

      University of Manitoba

      I have encountered many Physical and Recreational Educators, and Doug Setter’s instructional competence and ability to motivate is top-notch.

        Major Adam James Petrin

        1PPCLI, Infantry Officer

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