Do you struggle with time-constraints, confusion, motivation, and the lack of energy to take care of yourself?

Does fear of failure,ageing or criticism hold you back from health and well-being, while wanting to look and feel more confident?

While many of us face these challenges towards better health and wellness, there is good news: You don’t have to confront these roadblocks alone.

Because NOT dealing with these obstacles can result in:

With my One-on-One Personal Training Sessions

Unlike the Big-Box Gym’s impersonal, generic approach, I understand that everyone’s fitness journey is unique. I am here to give you personalized support and fitness coaching to help you succeed.

Experience Efficient and Enjoyable Workouts

Set Energizing Routines

Tackle Back and Body pain

Feel Energized and Confident

Enhance your Flexibility

Become Fitter and Happier

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Schedule your no-pressure, no-commitment fitness journey consultation today. Your future self will thank you.

Doug Setter (Fitness and Personal Trainer)

Hi, I am Doug Setter, a Personal Trainer Vancouver and a BSc student. I’ve been where you are. As a former sickly teen, I know firsthand the frustration of lacking motivation, feeling lost in a gym, and fearing injury or failure. But I also know what it takes to overcome those obstacles and achieve your fitness goals.

Few things inspire me more than helping others break through their self-doubts, find their motivation, and conquer their fears. Whether it’s motivating army recruits through basic training, assisting clients to pass career courses in the military, police, or firefighting, or assisting brides in getting ready for their special day, I’ve seen the transformative power of health and fitness time and again.

Physical transformation is strictly secondary. The real prize is helping people regain their confidence, boost their self-esteem, and live better.

The Process is Simple.

Online Personal Training Vancouver Classes

Schedule a free online consultation

We will understand your unique needs, goals, and aspirations during the initial consultation.

Personal Training Consultation

Customize your Training Plan

After the initial consultation based on your unique needs, we will customize a training plan by working together to fit your lifestyle and schedule.

Start the Training

We will start the training based on the plan we made, but we will keep it fun and engaging so that the time flies by quickly.

Doug Personal Training Someone

Witness the Results

Once the training is started, you will start witnessing the results of the workout.

Say Goodbye To Excuses And Hello To Results​ with Personal Training

Other Services We offer

Doug Setter Fitness Classes Vancouver

Group Training

Group Training at Fitness Studio is Designed to foster physical, mental, and social well-being. During the Group training, experience a Positive Environment and a sense of belonging among members.

Kick Boxing Classes

It is a fun workout that lets you release the pent-up tension from the workday. We offer a range of kickboxing classes, which include private kickboxing classes and Kickboxing for adults, women and beginners.

Ready to Start your Fitness Journey with a Personal Trainer?

We prioritize safety and will thoroughly explain training safety and equipment usage to ensure a secure environment during your Personal Training sessions.

Want a Sleeker, Flatter Stomach?
Explore Our Proven Course

With help of our Proven and Tested Course, Get:

Personal Training Plans and Pricing

Home/Office/Gym setting



Online One on One Session



Electric Muscle Stimulation Training



What our clients say about us

Those breathing exercises alone, really hardened my gut.

    John Stewart

    Vancouver Police

    I have been watching and working out with the DVD you had sent me.  I find it easy to workout at home.  It is convenient and the results are amazing. Mr. Setter, thank you so much for the freedom of working out without pain and being able to wear a size 3 dress again.

      Cora Lindop

      Vancouver, B.C

      I have really enjoyed Doug's Stomach Flattening class. I learned good breathing techniques and the stretches were of great help. I've had pain and tightness in the back of my left leg for months and it has almost completely disappeared since I've started doing the piriformis stretch on a regular basis. What a relief!

        Johanne Martel

        Vancouver, Canada

        I lost almost 6 inches around my waist within 6 weeks.  Thank you, Doug.

          Sandford Tuey

          Script writer

          Ready to Start your Fitness Journey with Personal Trainer?

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