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A fun workout that lets you release workday stress.

Doug Setter Kickboxing Classes Vancouver

We Offer

Private Kickboxing Lessons: In our private kickboxing lessons, we tailor each session based on the individual’s fitness level, goal, and learning ability. This is for individuals who are seeking rapid skill improvement, fitness, weight-loss or just trying something new and testing the waters.

Adult Kickboxing Classes: These kickboxing classes are designed mainly for adults aged 18+. They are held in a group environment for adults who want to meet like-minded people interested in pursuing kickboxing as a hobby or sport.

Women Kickboxing Classes: Classes are designed specifically for women, focusing on self-defense and empowerment.

Kickboxing Beginner Classes Vancouver

Kickboxing for Beginners: These classes are designed for people with no experience and are ideal for newcomers looking for a supporting and non-intimidating environment.

Types of Kickboxing Classes

This kickboxing class is high-energy training that combines martial arts training with self-paced cardio. The class is over before you know it.

  1. Increase stamina and lung capacity.
  2. Build killer legs, lean muscle and strong abs.
  3. Learn useful movements instead of flailing away.

During these classes, you will receive direct direction from the trainer. In-person kickboxing courses are available for beginner to advanced fighters.

  1. Feel the improvement of balance, coordination and stamina.
  2. Enjoy the motivation and training environment
  3. Experience the sense of accomplishment.

In these classes, you will gain stamina and coordination. Even online, you can feel the effects of the exercise.

  1. Train in the privacy of your home.
  2. Save time commuting.
Kickboxing Vancouver
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Why Choose Us?

Doug Setter Personal Trainer Vancouver

Experienced and qualified coach

Women Doing Kickboxing Vancouver

Proven workouts that develop focus, speed,and coordination.

Fast and fun learning methods.

Lady Read to do Kickboxing Vancouver

Personalized attention not found at big box gyms.

Flexible training, fun environment.

Kickboxing Women Classes Vancouver

Able to train to age, fitness level and skill set.

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Client Testimonials

I would not have come this far without Doug Setter's positive influence.

    Darcy Lentre

    Women's Golden Gloves Kickboxer

    I have tried gyms, cardio machines and different fitness classes and never got the workout or the results that I get from this cardio-kickboxing class.  Thanks, Doug.

      Darlene McEvoy

      University of Manitoba

      Physical training and martial arts have always been a large part of my life.  I always picked up some great ideas from training with Doug.

        Andy Slucerenko

        2nd degree black belt Yoshinkai Aikido Former paratrooper and prison guard

        Physical conditioning has always been important to my work as a soldier, paratrooper and peacekeeper.  Doug's training methods are sound and they get results.

          MCpl Stan Clark

          Canadian Airborne Regiment

          Ready to Learn Kickboxing Skills?

          Kickboxing FAQ

          Short answer: Yes.
          Let’s face it. Dancing is a contact sport and kickboxing is a hitting sport. The idea of hitting other people and getting hit is not very appealing to many people.
          But, the training and conditioning are top notch and you can develop good speed and power without having to hit someone or get hit. We have proven methods that make learning the movements simple, safe and enjoyable.