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  • Beating the Overactive Bladder Blues


    Imagine a Full Night’s Sleep without a Bathroom Break

    Do you avoid drinking before bed, plan your day so you are not too far from a bathroom, or carry an empty water bottle for emergencies? Perhaps you’ve considered surgery to fix your overactive bladder.

    This book is for anyone who has ever suffered from urinary incontinence and is packed with practical and no-nonsense advice presented in a clear and concise manner.



  • Fit Femme After 50 Book Cover

    Fit Femme After 50

  • Flat Gut After 50


    Imagine using simple 5 to 10 minute exercises that give you a flat stomach, pain-free back and strong body. What if you could jump out of bed in the morning, touch the floor and feel self-confident in your abilities and looks?

    As heard on: Audacy, BYU, HOT1037, KOGO600, WARM106.9, FM NEWS101, WCCO830, WCRN830, WMT600 and USA Radio shows and podcasts.

    Written by a former marathon runner, paratrooper and personal trainer now in his 60’s, Flat Gut After 50 offers you methods to having a strong, flat stomach for the rest of your life.

    Please note that this is an e-book and not a softcover edition. If you would like to purchase the soft copy, please click the button below to order it directly from Amazon.

  • Flat Gut After COVID Book Cover

    Flat Gut After COVID


    Flatten your stomach, drop the pandemic pounds and beat the lockdown blues!
    64 year old former soldier, martial artist and certified fitness trainer reveals the physical routines and mental tricks that can keep you fit, healthy and sane while in isolation and lockdown conditions.

    Learn how-to:

    • Reprogram your habits towards, health, fitness and productivity.
    • Overcome loneliness, depression and procrastination.
    • Improve your posture, strength and confidence in minutes a day.
    • Use micro10 minute workouts for during and after the pandemic.
    • Use belly-flattening, mood-boosting food and supplements that balance your hormonal system.
    • How to find cheap and even FREE libido boosting herbs.
    • Breath and stretch your way to a flatter stomach and kick-butt stamina.
    • Detoxify your body without therapy, fasting or deprivation.

  • One Less Victim Book Cover

    One Less Victim

  • Reduce Your Alcohol Craving Book Cover

    Reduce Your Alcohol Craving

  • Simple Secrets to Handle Your Alcohol Better: Student’s Edition Book Cover

    Simple Secrets to Handle Your Alcohol Better: Student’s Edition

  • Stomach Flattening Book Cover

    Stomach Flattening

  • Stomach Flattening Course


    So you’re looking to flatten your stomach?

    With help of our Proven and Tested Course, Get:

    • A proven system that has improved the posture, strength, energy and confidence for hundreds of people of different shapes, sizes, ages, fitness levels, injuries and walks of life?
    • Exercises that do not require a kinesiology degree to understand?
    • A tried and tested system from a former paratrooper, marathon runner, kickboxer, Pilates and fitness instructor who has had his share of injuries?
    • Routines that don’t involve joint-jarring, exhaustive workouts or starvation diets?
    • Exercises that can be performed easily within eight square feet, with only a mat?
    • A system that is simple to learn and can produce noticeable results in less than 10 hours of practice? (Sometimes even after one hour.)

    If so, I would love to help you with over 30 years of physical training experience, including Pilates, yoga and martial arts and a Bachelor of Science degree.